When you can't find a microblogging platform to suit your needs, make your own!

Welcome to my Inanities page! This is my most immediate outlet for expression, where I can be as unhinged as I desire! I'll usually just be posting short updates or quips about what I happen to be doing or about updates to the website.

November 2019

October 2019

October 31

I can't really believe that it's already Halloween. It's always been strange to me that holidays are just regular days, though it seems rather obvious to state. I'm irrationally upset that it won't be societally acceptable to wear any of my spooky stuff after today. But you know what? I think I'll ride this gravy train a little longer.

October 29

The Inanities page has been created! I'm working to get a blog post out before/on Halloween, I swear. It will probably have something to do with classic creepypastas... perhaps a tier list?